Batch. Four workshops open to all, with the association “Pêche Nature” of Gourdon.

The fishing animation of Gourdon aims to make participants discover the aquatic environment and recreational fishing in rivers and lakes, the association also sells fishing equipment to those who do not yet have, second-hand equipment (for the respect of the environment), but in very good condition.

The Tourist Office of Gourdon proposes 4 Fishing Workshops, animated and directed by the Fishing animators of the Departmental Federation of Fishing of the Lot, and the volunteers of the association and School of Fishing of Gourdon.

Discover the aquatic environment and recreational fishing

The purpose of the fishing animation is to help participants discover the aquatic environment and recreational fishing in streams and bodies of water.During the activities, children or teenagers are introduced to the different fishing techniques: casting, baiting, fly fishing… But also: how to set up a line, how to make knots or how to hang a bait, so that they are autonomous to practice leisure fishing.The fishing initiation emphasizes, in particular, the respect of safety rules and regulations: handling the equipment safely, handling the fish with care.Finally, in addition to discovering the world of fishing, these activities raise children’s awareness of respect for the environment and the discovery of the different elements of aquatic life: fish, insects, larvae, fauna, flora… The number of places is limited to 10 children, registration is compulsory.The material provided individually to each child will be disinfected before and after each workshop. Barrier gestures and social distancing will of course be respected and please respect them.

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