"I never hurt anyone, and they kill me": the tragic story of a Corsican pensioner murdered by mistake

Posted on November 16, 2020 at 3:48 p.m., updated yesterday at 4:46 a.m.

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Who murdered Jean Livrelli, while he was hunting, on August 23, 2018? Convinced that this "Mr.Everybody" was the victim of a mistake, the investigators turned to the world of banditry.A case revealing the grip of organized crime on a part of island society.

Every time she opens the shutters of her room, Manette Livrelli, 72, thinks she sees the silhouette of Jean, her husband, coming up from her vegetable garden in Bastelicaccia (Corse-du-Sud), 40 kilometers away.Ajaccio's bird, but this vision never takes long to disappear and the sparkling little woman with short, white hair finds herself thrown at dawn on August 23, 2018, at the precise moment when she collapsed on hearing of her death.

“It was two years ago,” she sighs, “and I still don't realize."Two years that his life and that of his family have been imprisoned between the lines of a police report: that day, it is written," Jean Livrelli was the victim of an ambush during which he was the target of several shots.At the material time, he was alone in his Nissan Navara 4 × 4 vehicle (…) and was driving on the departmental road no.27A towards Val d'Ese, where he had an appointment for a wild boar hunt with other hunters.Severely affected, he died a few minutes later ”.

"Jean" was assassinated… In Bastelica, a large mountain village where the Livrelli people spend weekends and holidays, nobody wanted to believe it at first.The village, perched at an altitude of 800 meters and accessible by the one of the most spectacular roads on the island, yet it has never been spared by tragedies.Here, the granite houses look like small fortresses and speak of the necessity that has long been law: to "beware" of your enemies during the interminable vindettes - the vendettas.But Jean Livrelli? The peaceful 67-year-old retired mechanic, the grandpa who made friends laugh while playing boules? “Everything broke in a few minutes, continues Manette Livrelli.We can prepare for the disease; an accident is inevitable.But that ..."

Posted Date: 2020-11-18

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